Premiere: William Arcane – Reckless

Stream the shuffling title track from the London singer/producer's latest EP for Pictures Music.


William Arcane aired his last song, Stay A While, back in August. A song that managed to sound both elegant and chaotic at the same time, Stay A While is just one of four songs by Arcane that feature on his new EP, 'Reckless'.

'Reckless' is a step up from the electronic singer/producer's last EP, 'Reflected', technologically-speaking: he made it all using resampled acoustic sounds and analogue synthesizers rather than in-the-box plugins. Its title track is another piece of shuffling, shifting, sulking synth pop.

William Arcane 'Reckless' EP tracklist:

01. Reckless
02. Stay A While
03. Sunfades
04. Grey Hours

Pictures Music release the 'Reckless' EP on October 20th 2014 (pre-order).

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