Premiere: Toby Gale – From Now On In

Lovely, breezy stuff on Slugabed's label Activia Benz, sounding like your favourite childhood video games all grown up.


We first heard about Toby Gale when he remixed Pocket Crocodile from Kero Kero Bonito's mixtape 'Intro Bonito', which was the first thing he'd put up on his Soundcloud for like a year. Now he's started putting more stuff up because he's got an EP due out, and we're super happy about it.

Here's one of its songs, From Now On In. Noises fly around and wheel about your head, wild arpeggios glance in from behind modulating synth waves like the sun peeking out from giant swathes of cloud, and percussion trickles like rainwater all the way through. This could be the alternative, more grown-up, nocturnal soundtrack to any of your favourite video games.

'The Good Of The Night' EP is due on Slugabed's label, Activia Benz, next month. "It's like if there was a Golden Saucer bit from FFVII on a Zelda game," explains Slugabed, a childhood friend of Toby's, of the EP. "Imagine Link on a Chocobo."

Toby Gale 'The Good Of The Night' EP tracklist:

01. Floodlite
02. 3 Up
03. From Now On In
04. Air Bones
05. World 8
06. Up (Maxo Cuttermix)

Activia Benz release the 'The Good Of The Night' EP on November 10th 2014.

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