Premiere: Stream NYC singer Thurmon Green’s ‘Adolphus’ EP

Stream the killer debut EP from New York-based singer Thurmon Green, making slick, sensual experimental pop music.


Thurmon Green is an artist from Los Angeles who currently finds a home in New York City. He cites artists ranging from D'Angelo to Arthur Russell to Ariel Pink as inspirations on his music-making, which is kind of understandable when you listen to his debut EP, 'Adolphus': there's definitely that R&B-influence in his singing style, but 'Adolphus' isn't really an R&B record per se, but more in the lineage of home recording and experimental singers.

Anyway, there are some total killers on this EP. Green's voice is sensual and sultry – and check those harmonies on Not The One (Just Saying)!) – but it's also got enough unpolish and imperfection in it to make it particularly distinctive. 

It's probably worth keeping an eye on Green in the future, but you should not neglect to check out more by the producers on the 'Adolphus' EP, and the label that seems to be the locus of all this music, DOOM DAB.

Finally, readers in New York can catch Green playing Le Bain at The Standard tonight (September 17th).

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