Premiere: Sivu – Better Man Than He (John Wizards remix)

John Wizards turn Sivu's inward-looking pop into outward-looking reggae.


Sivu is a 24-year-old artist who wrote pop songs in between working temporary service jobs in and around London. His debut album, 'Something On High', was put out by Atlantic earlier this year, and now one of its tracks has been reworked by the eternally excellent John Wizards.

John Wizards turn Sivu's inward-looking pop into a bright, extroverted type of reggae, sounding just as lush and dreamy as anything on their exquisite self-titled album last year. Sivu's vocals – previously the star of the show – are buried in the mix here, just an occasional whisper, treated like another piece of sound.

Atlantic Records release 'Something On High' on October 10th 2014 (buy).

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