Premiere: Savoir – Eternal

A chilled follow up to a-side Malala from the Perth trio.


Words by: Aurora Mitchell

Savoir are a Perth-based trio comprised of James Ireland, Mei Swan Lim and Andrew Sinclair. After having not released any music for two years, last month the electronic trio made their debut on Sydney label Plastic World with Malala, a track from their debut 12" which will be released at the end of the month.

Its powerful hook "She speaks with words rather than guns", speaking of activist Malala Yousafzai, instantly struck an emotional nerve with its listeners. Here is the exclusive of the b-side, Eternal. With a significantly more chilled atmosphere than its A-side, a rolling, jazz bassline underpins soulful vocals from Mei Swan Lim.

Savoir 'Eternal' EP tracklist:

01. Malela
02. Eternal
03. Malala (Adesse Versions Remix)
04. Eternal (Harvey Sutherland Remix) 

Plastic World release the 'Eternal' EP on November 27th 2014.