Premiere: Little Boots – Business Pleasure

Hear the title track from Little Boots's power bitchin' new EP, produced by Com Truise.


Quick recap for those that missed it the first time round: Little Boots's new 'Business Pleasure' EP is so named because the role that Little Boots has been occupying in recent times has not just been 'pop musician' but 'pop musician slash businesswoman'. 

That is to say, she's no longer locked to a restrictive major label deal, meaning that she's in control of her own creative decisions – and when being a musician is your job, creative decisions become business decisions. She also started up a record label to sign other pop artists, and as much as people enjoy deriding these sorts of things as 'vanity labels', these are proper, actual business moves that involve putting your money where your mouth is.

Little Boots explores these things with the 'Business Pleasure' EP, which to us seems a hell of a lot more imaginative than writing songs about people you fancy (which tends to be all that most songwriters, be they pop or underground, seem capable of doing).

Title track Business Pleasure comes produced by Com Truise, generally known as a synthesizer nut rather than a pop producer. Looks like he's got something new to add to his CV, too.

Little Boots 'Business Pleasure' EP tracklist:

01. Taste It
02. Heroine
03. Business Pleasure
04. Pretty Tough

On Repeat Records release the 'Business Pleasure' EP on December 1st 2014 (buy).

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