Premiere: Lydia Ainsworth – Hologram

Lush, sweeping pop music from the Arbutus Records-signed singer, composer, and producer's debut album.


The past seven days have been very good for Arbutus Records-related goodies: first, we ran an interview with pop band TOPS, then a new video by absurdly talented songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage, and today we've got an exclusive stream of a new song by Lydia Ainsworth.

But who is Lydia Ainsworth? A fairly new addition to the Arbutus Records family, Ainsworth is a composer, producer, and singer who makes pop music with lush, modern production, sweeping arrangements, and an exquisite, gymnastic vocal. She released an EP called 'Right From Real – Part I' back in June, and she's lining up its second part for release at the end of the month, with both parts combining to make up a short debut album. Hologram is taken from its second half, an electronic pop song that plays out like an enigmatic and indecipherable dream.

Lydia Ainsworth 'Right From Real' tracklist:

Part I
01. Candle
02. White Shadows
03. Malachite
04. Take Your Face Off

Part II
05. Moonstone
06. Hologram
07. PSI
08. The Truth

Arbutus Records release 'Right From Real' on September 29th 2014 (pre-order).

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