Premiere: GEoRGiA – Be Ache

Hard-hitting electronic pop, the debut solo transmission from a member of Kwes, Kate Tempest, Fimber Bravo and JUCE's live bands.


GEoRGiA is the keyboard-busting moniker adopted by producer and multi-instrumentalist Georgia Barnes.

Although her forthcoming EP 'Come In' is her debut, GEoRGiA is hardly a newcomer to the music biz – she has played drums in Kwes's band, and fleshed out further line-ups for Kate Tempest, Fimber Bravo, and, most recently, JUCE's live bands (who just released a new single, (H)ours). GEoRGiA's involvement with the latter band is the most relevant to bring up right now, because the 'Come In' EP is finding its home on Kaya Kaya, the record label co-founded by JUCE member Cherish.

So, that's all for the background. We're premiering new track Be Ache today, a bit of heavy, hard-hitting, leftfield electronic pop, with almost The Knife-ish vocals and intricate drum patterns.


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