Premiere: Gala – Freed From Desire (Torus Coolstep Mix)

The Netherlands based producer provides a warping remix of a Eurodance classic.


Words by: Aurora Mitchell

Gala's huge 1997 Eurodance single Freed From Desire has been remixed so many times that you're as likely to have bumped into one of its many reincarnations as you are the original. The latest in line to take a (rave) stab at it is Netherlands-based Torus, aka Joeri Woudstra.

He's put out two EPs so far through Sonic Router, and he's now releasing his new EP, 'Temples', through Rwina Records. The mix takes the high-pitched na-na-na vocal loop from Gala's original and repeats it before warping it beyond recognition into a bellowing drone over a creeping, lowend bassline. Cool.

Rwina Records release Temples' in December 2014 (buy).

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