Premiere: Douglas Dare – Nile (Throwing Snow remix)

Throwing Snow's remix of the Erased Tapes singer-songwriter is like being washed away by a torrent.


Fresh from releasing 'Mosaic', his debut album for Houndstooth, Throwing Snow has remixed Erased Tapes singer-songwriter Douglas Dare.

Throwing Snow's remix is a labour of love, carefully crafted so's to impress enough of his own identity onto it without interfering too heavily with Dare's arrangement and vocal. "The original is so well put together, and the vocal so unique, that it was a hard one to approach," Throwing Snow says of the remix, "I set out to reflect the beauty of the vocal in the intro, so that I could build it into something darker later on. This also mirrors the meaning of the vocal. The last sections are meant to evoke feelings of being washed away by a torrent."

The remix appears on a short EP by Douglas Dare called 'Caroline/If Only', which follows not too far on from his debut album, 'Whelm'. You can catch Dare playing an in-store at London's Rough Trade East, followed by a short US tour. For both of these, he'll be playing alongside Rival Consoles, who's just done our newest Dummy Mix.

Douglas Dare 'Caroline/If Only' tracklist:

01. Caroline
02. If I Knew I Were Alive
03. Swim (Rival Consoles remix)
04. Nile (Throwing Snow remix)

Erased Tapes release 'Caroline/If Only' on September 22nd 2014 (pre-order).

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