Premiere: CYMBALS – Talk To Me

Art pop foursome release a new 7" before heading out to New York to play a bunch of CMJ shows.


Art pop foursome CYMBALS are following up this year's 'The Age Of Fracture' with a new single.

The new single comes out on a 7", limited to 100 copies. With its songs recorded as recently as September, said 7" will be called 'What Eternity', even though neither of the songs on the record are actually called that, because CYMBALS like being different. One of the songs is however called Talk To Me, and we're premiering it today.

"These songs are close to what I am feeling at this current moment, in other words this season, or the stretch of spring into summer into autumn this year," the band's Jack Cleverly says in a press release, "They are personal and introspective, which is some kind of difference for us. We don't want to explain them too much, given that so many words accompanied the album we wrote last year and released earlier this year – these songs have no notes with them, no explanations, no justifications."

He then goes on to, er, explain it a bit. "The only thing we should say is that the title is borrowed from a book by Marguerite Yourcenar, who herself borrowed it from Rimbaud. We've messed with the punctuation and in so doing changed the meaning to suit what we wanted to say."

News of the 7" comes with the announcement that CYMBALS will play a load of shows in New York for CMJ very shortly, locations for which can be peeped below.

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Live dates:

October 16th: MaMa Festival at The Cigale, Paris
October 22nd: Cake Shop, New York
October 23rd: Cameo Gallery, New York
October 24th: Arlene's Grocery, New York
October 25th: The Delancey, New York

November 20th: Le Père Noël est-il un Rocker, Lille

Tough Love release 'What Eternity' on December 1st 2014 (pre-order).

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