Premiere: Andrea Balency – Crystals

Stream a gorgeous lullaby from the part-French, part-Mexican, London-living singer.


Andrea Balency is a singer living in London with a French and Mexican background. She's a graduate of the Red Bull Music Academy, so it might not be a surprise to hear that she leans towards the style of leftfield, emotive electronic music that the Academy seems to nurture so well for her chosen instrumental tracks. In recent times she's supported artists like James Blake, inc., Mount Kimbie, and some nobodies called The Cure, and worked with producers like R&S Records guy Airhead.

Her new song is called Crystals and has an instrumental that takes cues from O Superman and Moments In Love and mixes it with delicate pianos, light acoustic guitars, and blasts of bass, but the true star is Balency's syrupy voice: it's sugar-sweet, the lyrics almost inaudible, but it's a gorgeous lullaby.

Stream the track below, and get to know a bit more about Balency with a short Q&A below.

Hey, Andrea. Can you introduce yourself to Dummy readers?

Andrea Balency: "Hey, I'm Andrea Balency. I'm a producer/singer. I'm half-French, half-Mexican, based in London."

What sort of stuff are you inspired by?

Andrea Balency: "I love contemporary dance; I'm very inspired by the way the body moves. Visual arts inspire me a lot as well – my mom is a painter, so I grew up going to museums and drawing. I also try to read as much as I can."

How'd you end up working with Airhead?

Andrea Balency: "I supported James Blake in Mexico last year (Airhead plays with James' band) and we kept in contact. We started sending each other music and unfinished tracks, we were working long distance for a while… and then I moved to London!"

What are your plans for the future?

Andrea Balency: "I'm working on my album at the moment, which Airhead is producing with me, and collaborating with an amazing visual artist, Marilyn Baker. I won't be playing that many shows this year since I'm very busy with recording and producing, but I'm playing at La Fleche d'Or in Paris on July 4th, and Calvi On The Rocks Festival on July 6th."

Bataille release the 'Walls' EP on June 23rd 2014 (pre-order).

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