Premiere: Babe Rainbow – Things That Were Not

Cameron Reed lines up his debut album as Babe Rainbow - stream new song Things That Were Not, a reworking of an old demo he made with Grimes back in 2010.


Cameron Reed released two EPs as Babe Rainbow through Warp Records between 2010 and 2011 as well as a dark 'n' dirty garage track with 5kinandbone5 on Unknown to the Unknown in 2012. He's been fairly quiet in terms of new music since then, touring in How To Dress Well's live band and reverting to his given name, but he's ready to release a debut Babe Rainbow album now.

Titled 'Falling Apart', the Canadian artist-producer's debut is sometimes downcast and sometimes uplifting, sometimes ambient and sometimes energetic, but always with a proper sense of melody, emotion, and the intangible feeling that is 'vibe'. There's a clarity to it that his earlier material averted, and a weird sense of presence to it, as if it's still being made as you listen to it.

We're premiering new song Things That Were Not today. "It's a reworking of a track that Grimes and I were working on back in 2010," Reed explains over email, "We never finished it (though the demo might still be floating around the internet), so I went back and expanded the instrumental for my own record."

Listen back to Babe Rainbow's Dummy Mix from 2011, and be sure to read the accompanying interview with Reed (a very eloquent individual by all counts), which is a nice historical document that nails the appeal of the then-emerging likes of Lil B, Main Attrakionz, and Odd Future.

Kinky Beggar release 'Falling Apart' on July 7th 2014 (pre-order).

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