Premiere: Babe Rainbow – Car Ambient #3

The Canadian electronic producer lines up an album of minimalist piano pieces titled 'Music for 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, & More Pianos' for 1080p - stream one of its tracks now.


Babe Rainbow has only just released his debut album, 'Falling Apart', but he's already got a new one ready to go. Well, it's not really an album album – that is to say, it's not A Canonical Studio Album – but rather an album-length selection of piano and keyboard compositions made by Babe Rainbow. It's influenced by good chaps like Terry Riley, Keith Fullerton Whitman, and Nils Frahm – although this has slightly less technical expertise behind it.

"I'm not a piano player, I'm not trained," says Babe Rainbow's Cameron Reed about the album, "I'm just a musician with a bunch of ideas that I want to explore. It's not polished, it's exactly what it should be. Everything is worth exploring. Nothing gets crossed out. I love it, I hope you do, too."

The album, titled 'Music for 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, & More Pianos', is due out on consistently excellent cassette label 1080p, who seem to be entering something of a purple patch right now and attracting more established name to the label, including Reed and recently Gobby.

Oh, and that picture above is the artwork for the album, made by Reed himself.

Stream new piece Car Ambient #3 below, and check out Babe Rainbow's recent Dummy Mix – which included a lot of the music that inspired 'Music for 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, & More Pianos'.

1080p release 'Music for 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, & More Pianos' on September 27th 2014 (pre-order).

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