Premiere: South London Ordnance – Black Acre feat. Brolin (Chris Carter remix)


South London Ordnance recently announced that the inaugral release of his new record label, Aery Metals, would be an EP named 'He Do The Police In Different Voices' and would come from none other than the producer himself. He celebrated the news by dropping a remix of one of the EP's tracks by Optimo's JD Twitch and offering tantalising hints of what was to come – additional remixes from Factory Floor's Nik Void and Chris Carter, and collaborations with Brolin and Femme En Fourrure – needless to say, we were excited to hear what he'd come up with.

Today, we're premiering Chris Carter's remix of Black Acre, the EP's title track. Carter hopefully doesn't need an introduction, although we'd suggest that the unenlightened take a quick glance at his Wikipedia entry to get a rough outline of his huge body of work over the years. Carter's rework subdues the original, exploring the space between the sounds by emphasising the subby bassline, doing away with the kickdrums, applying dub FX and pretending that Brolin's vocal was never there.

Aery Metals will release 'He Do The Police In Different Voices' on August 19th.

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