Premiere: Sebastian Palomar – Benefits Respiratory

This Italian producer wants you to stop listening to his music and go swimming instead.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

There used to be a show on UK television in the 80s called Why Don't You? that I used to watch religiously. Its premise – and its jingle – was, brilliantly, "switch off your TV set and do something less boring instead". The telly alternatives it promoted – if memory serves right, stuff like how to make paper mache and build your own walkie-talkie – were fun but it was the sheer meta-ness of the show that was the biggest thrill. Which leads me to Italian producer Sebastian Palomar who has made a motivational album about swimming called 'The Physical And Emotional Benefits Of Swimming'. Like chapters in a self-help book, each track outlines a different benefit.  Opener Benefits Respiratory kicks off with a hypnotherapy sample and builds into a tripped out drum'n'bass jam spiked with ambient synth waves. However new age-y that sounds, it somehow manages to sidestep preachiness despite its premise. There's a charm to Palomar's passion. Why don't you switch off your laptop and go swimming instead?

Dramatic Records will release Sebastian Palomar's debut album 'The Physical And Emotional Benefits Of Swimming' on 30th August 2013. Catch Sebastian Palomar at Power Lunches in London on 7th September, where he'll deliver "a motivational sermon on swimming".

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