Premiere: Seaming To – Vertigo Billy (Paul White remix)

The hip hop producer draws enchanting lines from the London artist's experimental chamber-pop.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

London-based artist Seaming To has the kind of vocal presence – at once as rich and familiar as a jazz standard – that gives away her impressive list of co-signs. She’s worked with Robert Wyatt, collaborated with Cinematic Orchestra and used to front Ninja Tune-signed musical collective Homelife. Last October she released her debut album ‘Seaming’ and now returns with a remixed version including turns by 808 State’s Graham Massey (who Seaming To has also worked with) and hip hop producer Paul White [pictured above with Seaming To]. Here, White – fresh from supplying beats to Danny Brown – provides a somewhat surprising yet wholly delightful rework of Seaming To’s Vertigo Billy that Dummy is excited to premiere today. Less a remix and more an alternate version (largely all played live by White), it’s full of lines, threads and shades: those strings, the moody blues, electronic signals and, of course, Seaming To’s enchanting warble. Listen below and grab the full remix album on Seaming To’s Bandcamp page.

‘Seaming – The Remix Album’ was released on Bandcamp on 15th March 2013.

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