Premiere: RxGibbs – Retrograde

Hear a bonus track from the forthcoming vinyl edition of 'Contact', modern dream pop artist RxGibbs' debut album.


RxGibbs released an album named ‘Contact’ via Cascine earlier this year which took a clear influence from a strain of post-ecstasy UK indie music – bands like Ride, the Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine – and married it to the production styles of modern laptop pop. The album ended up in the hands of the folks at Bella Union, who immediately offered to press some vinyl copies of the album. A limited vinyl run of ‘Contact’ is due out next month and comes with bonus track Retrograde, a dream house track which would be reverberating around chillout rooms if chillout rooms were still a thing.

Bella Union/Cascine will release ‘Contact’ on July 1st.