Premiere: Rudimental – I Will For Love feat. Will Heard (Syv Remix)

Pop-meets-club on Syv's swaying remix of Rudimental's I Will For Love, featuring vocals from Will Heard.


Words by: Natalie /

It's Friday morning. You didn't want to get out of bed, and you burnt your toast. Let's just say, you're ready for the weekend. It's times like these when you need something energetic in your earphones, and Syv's pop-meets-club remix of Rudimental's I Will For Love might just be that.

Making ripples in the dance world for over a year now – the duo weave together slick house, slow rolling beats and smooth, soulful vocals – claiming they make "music for your dad’s best mate". Recently joining the Black Butter Records family, their sound has progressed from 'sunshine house' to a more deeper sound that wouldn't feel out of place warming the walls of a darkened club. Their remix of Rudimental's track featuring Will Heard is a perfect showcase of this: Will's vocals giving a swaying pop edge backed up with a plodding house foundation.

Check the remix below and keep your ears and eyes open for more on Syv.

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