Premiere: Rival Consoles – ‘Odyssey’ [EP stream]

Go on a journey with this ambitious and colourful release for Erased Tapes, streaming exclusively on Dummy.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

London producer Rival Consoles has a sense of the physical, not only in the video game-evoking mouthful that is his alias but in the sweeping spectrum of noises that make up his glorious 'Odyssey' EP for Erased Tapes. From what sound like brushed guitar strings and very human percussion on the light-footed Philip, to the rolling clicks on Voyager, the cyberspace surge of Rebecca and the heady vocal and dancefloor-bothering, glitchy beat of Soul, this is a restless collection of five tracks that, through their very restrained weaving of a very broad palette of sound, open a lot of space for the listener's mind to roam around in.

It's safe to say it's not often a release could pull off being called something as unabashedly epic as 'Odyssey', but this full-to-the-brim EP cuts the mustard. Stream it in full below. 

Erased Tapes will release 'Odyssey' on the 21st October 2013. Rival Consoles plays Phonica Records Pre-Release In-store Party and 'The Hydra: Erased Tapes Special' w/ Nils Frahm and Kiasmos (Ólafur Arnalds) at Village Underground on 18th October.