Premiere: Rainer – Girls

Fall head over heels for this London duo's fresh pop satire.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

London-based duo Rainer is the new leftfield pop project from former Stricken City vocalist Rebekah Raa, who fronts the skewed, warm beats of producer Casually Here with her languid vocal. Set for release as a split single with Money, Girls is a reflection on, in Raa's own words, "how far people go to try to make themselves look like perfection in their own eyes.” Combined with the butt-worshipping packshot and the hook "the girls are going mad"Girls comes across as a reproachful parody of the sexualisation of popstars, or of girls in general – which in itself is not a new idea, but is an important one, and is expressed here in a totally fresh, totally sincere and endlessly listenable way. Watch your step: the chorus, once it kicks off, is so blissful you might just slip and fall for Rainer, hard.

ASL Records will release 'Girls // Money' on the 9th September 2013; pre-order it here.

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