Premiere: Rainbow Arabia – Math Quiz

Hear a new track from Rainbow Arabia's bloody good new album 'FM Sushi'.


Since the Dummy Mix they recorded for us way back in 2010, Rainbow Arabia have released an album, added a member, written another album and got it ready for release later this month. Which is pretty good, all things considered. New album ‘FM Sushi’ is due through Kompakt-distributed, LA-based experimental pop label Time No Place and manages to build a bridge between vintage sounds like kosmische, hi-NRG and gothic new wave and the clean, colourful, ultra-modern digital music that oddballs like Nguzunguzu and James Ferraro explore. It’s awesome, too.

We’re proud to be premiering Math Quiz from the new album, a dance punk song that, despite the odds, manages to turn thoroughly synthetic sounds (digital sax, new age flutes) into music with deep melancholy and emotion.

Time No Place will release ‘FM Sushi’ on April 15th.

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