Premiere: Physical Therapy – ‘Million Years Crushed’ EP

The excellent club producer returns with a new EP for his Allergy Season label, with a remix by Norman Nodge.


New Jersey native Physical Therapy makes great, experimental club music. Last year he launched a new label called Allergy Season, devoted to releasing dance music free of genre made by himself, by friends, or by likeminded individuals, and, with its Benadryl-themed artwork, definitely had one of the best visual identities we've seen from a new label in a while.

Physical Therapy is releasing a new EP through Allergy Season, the 12" of which features three objects of bodily club music – maximal sounds on Val E Of The Dolls, pure ecstasy on American Cream, and the warehouse-ready Million Years Crushed – while there's also a bonus track on the digital version called Salad Dressing (emblazoned across the vinyl's centre sticker are the words "my life is the salad, your love is the dressing"). Intriguingly, Physical Therapy has also roped in Berghain resident and techno demon Norman Nodge on a laid-bare remix of Million Years Crushed.

We shouldn't need to tell you that this is all really, really great, but if you need convincing then check out the full EP exclusively on Dummy below.

Allergy Season release 'Million Years Crushed' on April 7th 2014 (buy).

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