Premiere: Pandr Eyez – Physical Education

Cross-continental duo Pandr Eyez get physical on their new single.


Pandr Eyez, the double-team of British producer Tom Lloyd and US singer Ferren Gipson, are getting hot and sweaty on their new track. Physical Education is a slinky slice of digital R&B, with romantic synths paying compliment to Gipson’s vocal. Stream the UK premiere of the track below, and read our interview with the pair to find out what’s happening inside their brains.

Hi, Pandr Eyez! Could you introduce yourself to Dummy readers?
Ya, we are Ferren and Tom. Ferren writes and sings and Tom is on production. Bow.

How did you get into making music?
Ferren: I’ve been singing since I was a kid. My dad’s side of the family is quite musical, so maybe I learned it there. I started writing when I was about 11— some of it wasn’t too bad!
Tom: I’ve always been into music, but started DJing when I was about 15. After that I started putting together my own tracks using my turntables and an old sampler and it just grew out of that.

How would you describe your sound to the uninitiated?
We hope that it comes off fresh and interesting. We are into so many types of music and all of those interests get fused into the songs that we put out. At the end of the day, it’s probably some sub-set of pop music.

Physical Education is a ridiculously fun track. Is there a story behind it?
Glad you like it! We had fun making it. The song started out as just the beat and grew from there. The rapping wasn’t really planned. Ferren was just joking around rapping over the beat and we were like, “let’s lay that down!” Everything about the track happened pretty organically. We just wanted to make something that felt good.

What are some of your biggest influences, aside from Olivia Newton John?
Ha! Olivia was a tiny influence on this song, we guess. Really we’re influenced by artists that put something out that no one else can do like them. We often say Golden Age Hip Hop is an influence, but there are so many people that may influence us at any given time. We admire people like Prince and Bjork, who are so innovative and really own their style. We also admire people for their work ethic and willingness to experiment, like Beyonce.

How do the roles break down between the two of you?
Towards the beginning we worked more separately – Ferren would do the vocal side of things and Tom would make the music – but lately we’ve started to do more things together throughout the whole process. It’s good for making sure that we’re pushing each other.

What’s the best thing you’ve heard this year?
That’s a difficult question. It’s the nature of the industry today that everything passes in and out of your consciousness so quickly. Right now we’re both really digging the Bat for Lashes album. We recently heard a track by Angel Haze that we’re feeling as well. Also digging a bit of Miguel… Difficult to pinpoint a “best thing” though…

What are your plans for what’s left of 2012?
Writing, writing, writing. Songs for us, for a few guest spots, just trying to push ourselves to make music we feel good about. There should be a few more London shows before the year is out. There could be a video coming soon. Might free-fall jump from the edge of space…

Double Denim will release Physical Education on the 6th November.

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