Premiere: Nite Lite – Equinox Reflections

Exclusively stream a contemplative and sensational leftfield track, delivered by Portland duo Nite Lite.


Words by: Karen Chan

Nite Lite is Portland-based duo Philip and Myste French, who operated the prolific cassette label Stunned Records, defunct since September 2011. Known to work with an intriguing web of organic sounds and field recordings, the pair will make their debut appearance on New York-based Desire Path Recordings and release their second full-length album ‘Megrez’ on 17th December.

Bridging the gap between sci-fi soundtrack and music-box melodies, ‘Megrez’ is a topiary of scrupulously arranged organic sounds, exploring the boundaries of surroundings, diving into its ambience, keeping the world alive by clipping and trimming, sculpting shapes out of its sounds. Equinox Reflections, premiered here on Dummy, is a dangerously hypnotic sonic wave. With the dream-like keys ringing over the natural sounds of storm, and brooding chords humming over rainfall, it’s a wonderful, contemplative piece, overloaded with droplets of sensory pulsations. Listen below.

Nite Lite – ‘Megrez’ tracklisting:

A1. Mythopoeic Imagination
A2. Amare Videre Est
A3. The Axis of Tao
A4. Equinox Reflections
A5. History of the Abyss
B1. Repeater Stations
B2. Springingtime
B3. Fire Walkers
B4. Participation Mystique

Desire Path Recordings will release Nite Lite – ‘Megrez’ LP on 17th December, 2012

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