Premiere: MGUN – The Upstairs Apt. [EP stream]

Exclusively stream Detroit producer MGUN's latest four-track EP in full.


Words by: Karen Chan

Following yesterday’s video premiere of Files React, we’re streaming Detroit producer MGUN’s new ‘The Upstairs Apt.’ EP, released on Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid label, in its full glory today.

Having collaborated with Kyle Hall as NSNT PRJCT in 2010 and debuted an EP on Hall’s Wild Oats label earlier this year, ‘The Upstairs Apt.’ EP is Manuel Gonzales’ second solo output as MGUN. It’s a stunning four-track release adorned with a touch of deep experimentation. Strikingly infectious and consistently thrilling, it cleverly combines jittery, fleeting techno rhythms that send shivers down the spine and expansive improvisation, in which everything blends into a chord-induced euphoria, complete with the obscurities of an intense and beatless piece of drone.

Don’t Be Afraid released MGUN – ‘The Upstairs Apt.’ EP on 19th November, 2012

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