Premiere: Lord Tusk – Natural Partnership (Hightower Mix)

Creeping, creepy yet hugely enjoyable debut from London producer on Jon Rust's new Levels label.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

The sparsest of elements often create the greatest drama, as deftly demonstrated by London producer Lord Tusk on the title track of his debut EP ‘Natural Partnership’. The friction between that slo-mo bouncing bassline and the excited squeaky synth dancing atop it makes for a creepy yet hugely enjoyable atmosphere. There’s not much out there about Lord Tusk right now, but apparently Benji B is a fan and there’s the requisite turn at Boiler Room. His ‘Natural Partnership’ EP will be the first release on London DJ/NTS Radio host Jon Rust’s new Levels label, which has grown out of his night of the same name. Sink into the title track below.

Levels will release Lord Tusk’s ‘Natural Partnership’ EP in late May 2013. Catch Lord Tusk, John T Gast and Jon Rust at Levels in London this Thursday 25th April (details)

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