Premiere: Lil Jabba – ’47’ EP

The New York producer's new EP dabbles in grime and Atlanta rap, and caps off a banner year for label Local Action Records.


Capping off a banner year for Local Action is '47', a new EP from New York's Lil Jabba.

Local Action's 2014 has seen them release stellar full-length records from Yamaneko, Slackk, and DJ Q, as well as spawning micro-anthems in their shorter releases from Inkke and Finn.

When we last spoke to Lil Jabba, he'd just dropped a footwork-leaning album called 'Scales' for the label. Earlier this year, he followed it up with the 'Gully' EP for True Panther, but '47' is something of a homecoming for him. While there's still some footwork-informed music on here, the EP mostly sees Jabba bending street styles like grime and Atlanta rap without dropping his oddball melodic sensibility.

Local Action Records release the '47' EP on December 15th 2014 (buy).