Premiere: Koett – Golden Peak [LP stream]

The Russian producer unveils his new album of rippling synth play and jazzy meanderings.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Koett is a Russian producer who's been dabbling here and in house and techno for a while now (with releases on FUSELab and Dabit Records, to be specific), but with his new album 'Golden Peak' for Atomnation he's putting a firm foot forward. From the glimmering, gradual opener Assembled In, which has the air of a restless orchestra tuning up, through the strong percussive pulse of Behind and the elated, jazzy meanderings of Blacksad, this is an album that occupies a very particular headspace from the beginning. 
Title track Golden Peak is the pin that holds the whole project together, a five minute interlude of molten funk that pours itself into your ears with isolated melody lines and distorted not-quite-vocals that put you on the edge of your seat, eventually climaxing in a space-age jam session with jagged, unstable edges. Like the rest of the LP, which is replete with electronic jazz and moments of experimentation and introspection, it's got that weaving of familiar genres with unfamiliar tricks, resulting in the strangeness of a false memory, ambience with a twist of the macabre.
Atomnation will release 'Golden Peak' on the 25th November 2013.

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