Premiere: Kiasmos – Looped

Emotive, classically informed techno from Ólafur Arnalds and Bloodgroup's Janus Rasmussen.


Icelandic duo Kiasmos is a collaborative, techno-leaning side project between neoclassical musician Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen, frontman of Bloodgroup (whose A King's Woe was recently remixed by Renaissance Man). Given the technically accomplished nature of the artists' main musical outlets, it's perhaps no surprise that they bring a sensibility to Kiasmos that makes it, above all, highly musical music. So on new track Looped, premiering here on Dummy, a mournful set of piano chords gradually evolve into a rich, emotionally packed finale. Quite far removed from stripped down, amelodic, ruff-n-ready techno you might find elsewhere on these pages.

Here's what Arnalds had to say about the track: "This song, like most of our songs, was made late on a Friday night while enjoying a glass or two of a nice Scotch. It’s one of our personal favourites of the upcoming album and is usually the point in our live set where things change from ‘slight head-bobbing chill’ to ‘all right, let’s party!'. We want to release this song ahead of the album to get ourselves as well as you all excited for a much more Kiasmos-active 2014!"

Kiasmos will play Sónar Reykjavík on February 15th 2014.