Premiere: Kelpe – Monte Verità

Analogue machine funk from the busy producer as part of Don't Be Afraid's DBA Dubs subseries.


Seemingly not content with having released one album this year already, Kelpe is releasing a new 12" through Don't Be Afraid subseries DBA DUBS (why they didn't call it 'Dub Be Afraid' is beyond us). Trading Kelpe's psychedelic impulses and beatsmithery in favour of a straight-up dancefloor track, Monte Verità sets an analogue machine funk groove to a straightforward marching kick-snare drumbeat. Really good stuff, bringing to mind the likes of The Asphodells, The Emperor Machine and the rest of the DC Recordings family that Kelpe was once a part of.

Kelpe made us a Dummy Mix to coincide with that aforementioned album earlier this year – fans of Monte Verità should check that out here.

Don't Be Afraid will release Monte Verità on August 19th.

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