Premiere: James K – HOW (Ultra Facial)

Synth pop for sleepwalkers on the new single from James K, a past collaborator with Gobby and Physical Therapy.


James K first came to our attention through her vocal work with wonderful (and wonderfully odd) experimental electronic producers like Physical Therapy and Gobby (with whom she forms the sort-of pop group SETH), but it'd be a grave error to consider her purely as a collaborator – recent months have seen her release solo music under her own name, and it's been really excellent.

Last we heard of her, she was self-releasing her debut EP, but now she has a new single out and we're bringing you its b-side, the lovingly-titled HOW (Ultra Facial). We're going to assume this is the SFW definition of "facial" that's being used, but we're not sure what qualifies a skin beauty procedure as "ultra". Does it matter? The song is great either way, a light and blissful synth pop song for sleepwalkers.

Oh, and Londoners will be able to catch James K play on Sunday (February 23rd) playing at The Basement as part of the Young Turks' Friends & Family showcase. Gobby will be joining her on drums!


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