Premiere: Hounds of Hate – Purple Stuff (EP stream)

G-funk Dalston dreamers remixed and re-edited after they've split, streaming here for you in clips.


Words by: Charlie Jones

You’ve probably never heard of Dalston’s most exciting band. Called Hounds Of Hate, they collaborated with Hype Williams, performed almost exclusively art and DIY shows (tours with Caribou, Gold Panda, Toro Y Moi aside), released hardly any songs and disbanded into the ether last year. But their music, my God! Like a combination of devotional chants and dreamy G funk, the romantic digital dirt of low-KBS grime shows and the pumping energy of Detroit techno, it was precise, artful, sincere and impressible. You can, and should, read an interview we did with them in 2009, and download their MP3. So many bands never go on to have the careers they deserve, but it is a genuine pity that this three piece never went on to achieve the things they were capable of. They’re still one of my favourite crews ever, I miss them,and I’m ever so pleased to share with you their new remix EP, out on a lovely new label called How The Other Half Lives next week.