Premiere: Gwilym Gold – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

The pop futurist does a version of Ewan MacColl's 1957 folk song for DEEK Recordings' 'Pun For Cover' album.


Over the coming days, we're going to be premiering a new song each day from DEEK Recordings' 'Pun For Cover', a mini-album of cover versions by artists from the DEEK camp, set to be released later this week. Yesterday we were treated to a Bullion-ised version of Hall & Oates, and today's cover comes from Gwilym Gold.

Gwilym Gold was once a member of the legitimately excellent pop trio Golden Silvers, but his projects nowadays are way more ambitious, such as his astoundingly futuristic album 'Tender Metal', built on the Bronze app that meant that no one playthrough of the album would be the same (which, as experimental as it was, did limit his potential audience somewhat). Gold has since been busy, collaborating with folks like Hyetal, gearing up for a live installation/performance called The Primary Notes taking place this Saturday (November 30th) and, evidently, recording this cover of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, originally recorded by folk singer Ewan MacColl in 1957.

It's a rather downbeat, atmospheric, version that MacColl would probably not approve of, especially with its intentionally abrupt finish – a quick glance to the song's Wikipedia entry informs us that MacColl apparently held most cover versions of the song in disdain, going as far as having a space in his record collection called 'The Chamber of Horrors' for the terrible versions.

DEEK Recordings will release 'Pun For Cover' on November 29th via Bandcamp, and will host a Pun For Cover party at Dalston's Servant Jazz Quarters on November 30th, featuring live sets from Laura Groves, Nautic, Jesse Hackett, Gwilym Gold, Dario Rossetti Bonell, and Fabiana Palladino, and DJ sets from Bullion, Lukid, and Otis Pipe Down – more information here.