Premiere: Gray Things – I Want It To Live

A chillingly dark and sombre track from Mississippi producer Gray Things.


Words by: Karen Chan

Mississippi based artist Gray Things, aka Thomas Cooper, will release his new three-track single in mid November, which features I Want It To Live, premiered below.

While incorporating post punk, synth pop, cold wave and noise into his own production, Cooper crafts a sound that’s built on the foundations of mechanic drum machines, synthesizers and chopped-up vocal snippets to deliver a sombre, claustrophobic, and chillingly dark ambience in this track; just in time for Halloween. Cooper was also kind enough to answer a few questions regarding his new release:

There’s a wonderful sense of atmosphere on I Want It To Live – do you normally approach a song with such intentions in mind?

I do try to convey a feeling or mood in my songs and that could be where a sense of place is found in I Want It To Live. In most instances the most jarring or impacting experiences are the ones that are surfaced in my music. Gray Things comes from the idea that there are things that we as humans cannot know. In this uncertainty there is trying to be an enjoyable eeriness that should be taken as a comfort.

Is there an overall kind of sound you are striving for with your music?

I would say that there is not an overall sound that I’m going for. In fact I try to avoid having a particular sound by writing a different type of song every time a write a song.

Can you talk us through the recording process of your music?

My recording like my writing style is ever changing. I am always trying to write songs in different ways. Sometimes it happens that I write the song as I record it. I will often start with a drum beat and build up from there. Sometimes it will be minimal and sometimes it ends up having many parts with my friends playing on my tracks.
Are there any major influences on your music which you’d like to point out?

I am mostly influenced by music that stands out to me as unique and again the stuff that makes me question how or why.

Make Mine will release Gray Things – ‘Girl’ single on 19th November, 2012