Premiere: Gospels – Animal Feelings (Archie Pelago remix)

New York five-piece band get a slow, sexy remix from live electronic group Archie Pelago.


Gospels are a five-piece indie rock band from Queens, New York, who have recorded a jaunty little pop song called Animal Feelings. Archie Pelago, meanwhile, are a Brooklyn three-piece whose unique live performances sit somewhere between a freeform improvisational performance and a DJ set – but they're mostly remarkable for actually being good (because we've all seen those live/DJ hybrids before, and we all know they're awful, but Archie Pelago actually seem to understand club dynamics and aren't afraid to take things in peculiar, interesting directions).

They've also done a remix of Animal Feelings, which we're premiering today, a version that totally transforms the original song, dropping the pace and turning it into a jam that's slower and sexier, the bassline hypnotic and the effects dubby.

Gospels are running a sort of crowd-funding campaign for their music, which is incidentally the destination to download this remix (and any of Gospels' future releases). You can find that page here.