Premiere: Gold Panda – Remix idea for FaltyDL

Listen to a delicately pulsing slip of an idea that the Berlin-based producer had in Peru.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

There’s something deliciously thrilling about getting a peek inside an artist’s creative process; seeing the thinking is like overhearing a private conversation somehow. So we’re chuffed to share the musical sketch that became Gold Panda’s remix of FaltyDL’s Straight & Arrow. It’s only a whisker over two minutes long but it’s very much alive, warmth pulsing through its delicate veins. Here Gold Panda explains a little of the making of it, and you can listen to the idea – and the remix it grew into – below.

Gold Panda: “I was in Peru in July last year with my girlfriend Sofia. Her family live in Lima so we were visiting and I had a show. We borrowed her mum’s car and drove around Lima (driving in Lima is insane) and Sofia took me to all these amazing markets filled with fruits and pirated computer games. I got an email from Drew asking me if I’d do a remix and I said yes and got started on some ideas. I made this little tune and it went with the samples he sent me real nice so I just worked it out when I got home.”

Gold Panda’s remix for FaltyDL’s Straight & Arrow was released on 12th November 2012. Ninja Tune released FaltyDL’s new album ‘Hardcourage’ on 21st January 2013.