Premiere: George Fitzgerald – I Can Tell (By The Way You Move) (The Cyclist remix)

Gritty, rusty remix by Liverpool-based producer The Cyclist.


Pumping house type George Fitzgerald's I Can Tell (By The Way You Move) is a bit of an anthem, all vocal hooks, white noise rushes, build-ups, breakdowns, and drops. It's also very clean, almost sanitary, which clearly didn't sit well with Liverpool-based producer The Cyclist.

We first heard of The Cyclist from his inclusion on Friends of Friends' free compilation 'Show Me The Future Vol. 2'. What's good about The Cyclist's remix is that he doesn't actually tear the song apart – the pop skeleton of the original is still there, but the remix is roughened up and grittier, as if the song had been recovered from the bottom of the ocean covered in rust.