Premiere: Gatekeeper – Imperatrix

Operatic techno from another realm? Must be a new EP from New York doom duo.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

It's been a minute since the last chrome-encased dispatch from New York duo Gatekeeper,  2012's 'EXO', which was released alongside an immersive, interactive video game designed by Tabor Robak. (Not that they haven't been busy, as Adam Harper's recent essay on Gatekeeper's ADR and contemporary pastiche pays testament to.) Their new release, the 'Young Chronos' EP out on 11th November, finds the pair once again playing with format: you'll be able to download it via an official Piratebay torrent or, should you be a stickler for physical, purchase the record on a specially designed USB token from Italian music/art label Presto?!. The first glimpse of 'Young Chronos' is Imperatrix, which Dummy is excited to premiere today. Opening with an operatic aria that brings to mind The Fifth Element , it lurches into multi-platform techno action: harsh and swift yet beautiful in its terrifyingly focused intent. The opera singer returns and there's something at once classical and futuristic about the dueling duet that chimes with the artwork [pictured] by Polish surrealist painter Jaroslaw Kukowski

Listen on the Dummy player on the left and see the full tracklist and US tourdates below. The press release is a blast of fresh air, too:

"Time-engineering blasphemies and neo-sapient hominid scenarios including but not limited to: jump platforms in Gothic arcologies. Profound regolith/crust excavation and mantle extraction. Neogene biomes in low-g terraria. Endo-Templar counterpoint on cycloid viols and paleo-psaltery. Tertiary-stage flarefusion-equipped Habsburg hunting parties engaging titanichthys super-shoals. Orpheid Witness fleets in godlike hypo-cacolayer suspension. Quantum-solid martyrdom for St. Eligius and trimillennial chorus. Lycanthrope combat on the plains of Northern Europe. Narcomorph collective events on Phobos forgoing corpoferric insulation. Polymeliac Elizabethan exoscouts encountering depth charges in asteroid fields. Zen-grunt gnosis performed in hyper-iterative Hadean habitats. Dirac wave-converters outside of Roanoke. Teutonic-Wallachian ground forces supplied with pulse rifles. Thracian quasar-injection in Jovian atmospheres causing the Sienna effect. Thermographically-enhanced heat-seeking archers in dawn mists. Steampunk-m arias in entropy-null silicate mausolea. Please be advised: permanent unlimited respawning." 

'Young Chronos' tracklist

01 Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven
02 Harvest
03 Flame of Displeasure
04 Imperatrix
05 The Soil has Soured
06 Hanseatic

Gatekeeper & Presto!? will release 'Young Chronos' via a Piratebay torrent and USB token on 11th November 2013.


Gatekeeper North America tour dates:

25th Oct – San Francisco, CA – Elbo Room, 120 Minutes
31st Oct – Brooklyn, NY – Masonic Temple, R.i.T.E by CHERYL (10pm, live)
31st Oct – Brooklyn, NY – Passion Lounge, Machine Dance with Night Slugs (12am, DJ)
1st Nov – Mexico City, MX – UFOria!, NAAFI & NIGHT presents ☠ MUERTOS ☠
2nd Nov – Mexico City, MX – International Book Fair closing night

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