Premiere: Fis – ‘Homologous’ [EP stream]

More frantic, creeping horror from the New Zealand sound artist.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

New Zealander Fis, aka Oliver Peryman, has an EP for Tri Angle on its way later this month – featuring the chainsaw-wielding lunge of his track DMT Usher – but in the meantime the prolific sound artist has yet another EP prepped for NZ label Void Coms, out next week. As its title might suggest, 'Homologous' is the definition of a cohesive release, with the tracks all being named the same and their sonic foundation being the same damp, creeping percussive style. Building on this minimalist outline with a feverish imagination, Fis's music is sometimes dense with echoes and the rusty sway of old metal structures, at other times haunted by spoken samples that are not-quite-audible and at other times making a ghostly impression with empty space singing in the gaps between the scatterbrained patterns he weaves from his percussion. Don't mistake "cohesive" for "predictable"; this is restless composition, constantly darting between ideas like eyes frantically scanning the darkness.

Void Coms will release the 'Homologous' EP on the 11th November.

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