Premiere: Erol Alkan – Bang (Beau Wanzer Adjustment)

L.I.E.S. noisemaker sands down Erol's acid track to something that barely resembles its source material.


After over a decade DJing, prodcing, remixing, and collaborating, Erol Alkan finally released his debut solo outing last year, the three-track 'Illumination' EP. Given how long the wait for that material has been, you might think that Erol was being a little precious about his material, but that's evidently not the case, as he's handed over the music to talent both established and new to reinterpret as they see fit. The biggest name on the 'Illumination' remix package is probably Amsterdam house voyager Tom Trago, but elsewhere there's an extended mix of Bang by analogue funk provider The Emperor Machine, a new version of Check Out Your Mind by psychedelic sound weaver U, and an "adjustment" of Bang by one Beau Wanzer.

Considering he could've easily handed over the remix to someone like Soulwax, it's interesting that Alkan should choose Wanzer for this remix. Beau Wanzer is a guy from Chicago who makes loud noises on old machines, and he's released music under his own name, and in groups like sleazy cassette trio Streetwalker and Thee Mutant Beat Dance on labels like Rong, Hour House Is Your Rush, and more recently, Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.)Bang, in its original form, might be a peak time-minded acid track, but that doesn't stop Wanzer from sanding it down to little more than a caste-iron thump and some metal bashing percussive noises that barely resembles its source material.


01. A Hold On Love (Tom Trago's Tokyo Mix)
02. Bang (Emperor Machine Extended)
03. Check Out Your Mind (U Version)
04. Bang (Beau Wanzer Adjustment) 

Phantasy Sound release 'Illumination Remixed' on April 7th 2014.