Premiere: Ea Kaya ‘Tied Up’ (Kidnap Remix)


There's definitely something in the water in Copenhagen with artists like Liss, Goss, Vera and more all emerging from the same city and now we have Ea Kaya (aka Christine Kiberg) adding more fuel to the Danish pop fire. In fact Ea Kaya probably has more in common with fellow Nordic artists Mø, Zara Larsson and Sigrid than her more left of centre Copenhagen compatriots – Ea Kaya makes glossy future pop with lyrics about love and relationships – but there's enough edge to lift it out of the bland pop mainstream. 
But it's really the full-on dance-pop rush of the Kidnap mix that has caught our ears unearthing Ea Kaya's inner Robyn and creating four minutes of Scandi dance-pop of the highest order. A banger basically.
Listen exclusively below: