Premiere: Daniel Avery – New Energy (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation)

The newly-active psychedelic dance duo of Erol Alkan and Richard Norris share their first transmission in ages.


You might recall that Daniel Avery recently lined up Knowing We'll Be Here as the newest single from his debut album 'Drone Logic', sharing a rework of the track by Bulgarian hardware jammer KiNK. Another remix on the package comes from Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, who have tackled the album's penultimate track New Energy (Live Through It).

For the unfamiliar, Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve are a psychedelic dance duo comprised of Phantasy Sound label boss Erol Alkan and cosmic traveller Richard Norris. The latter name might not be as familiar as Alkan's, but Norris is a mainstay of British dance and psychedelic music as an artist, DJ, producer, and journalist, working as or with The Grid, The Time & Space Machine, Dark Seed, Jack The Tab… and so on.

Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve's remix of New Energy is significant because it marks the first time that the two artists have released a track together in ages – their last transmission was 2012's Black Noise, and it's impossible to even recall what their last remix together was. Thankfully, they recently announced that they've completed three new remixes, which is good news, because absolutely everything they've done in the past has been amazing (it's worth checking out their 'Re-Animations Vol. 1' compilation of remixes as well as their 'Ark 1' compilation of psych re-edits). You can only pray that this leads to more music from the two.

Anyway, we have one of those three remixes streaming exclusively here right now. We won't waste any more time trying to describe how their remix of New Energy actually sounds – you can judge that for yourselves below.

Phantasy Sound release Knowing We'll Be Here on June 2nd 2014 (pre-order).

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