Premiere: Daniel Avery – Free Floating (Matt Walsh remix)

Matt Walsh - techno DJ about town and one part of Clouded Vision - reworks a track from his pal Dan Avery's album, 'Drone Logic'.


Matt Walsh has been a DJ about town for a few years now, spinning and producing techno records under his own name and as part of Clouded Vision, and he's been tapped to remix a track from Daniel Avery's 2013 album 'Drone Logic'. The pairing of Walsh and Avery is so sensible that it's basically a no-brainer – the two are good buddies who go back a few years now, and they even started a clubnight together, Movement.

Taking on Free Floating, Walsh's rework doesn't radically alter Avery's original, but it certainly gives the drums that much more punch and adds a bit of gurgling acid action. It's taken from a forthcoming 'Drone Logic' remix EP, which also features a new version of Need Electric by Audion.

Phantasy Sound release Drone Logic (Single) on March 24th 2014.

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