Premiere: Dadras – Rubaiyat II

The rising producer also gives away a remix of Jefferson Airplane's Today ahead of the release of his new album.


Words by: Natalie /

Dadras is the moniker of Alex Dadras, a producer and sound engineer based in New York whose work may be familiar to you if you heard A$AP Rocky's Dreams or Earth Don't Stop Here, which we premiered last month. Earlier in 2015, Dadras released his debut album 'Rubaiyat I', a dark and inpenterable nine-track release that took its cues from IDM, the avant-garde, and post-Dilla hip-hop, while adding a collaboration with Rochambeau to his résumé following a New York Fashion Week showcase. Later this week (October 9th), Dadras releases 'Rubaiyat II' through Human Pitch which Dummy is delighted to be premiering in advance.

Compared with its earlier counterpart, 'Rubaiyat II' is a more exotic and luxurious body of work that exhibits many dimensions of taste and colour. One ruling genre or facet doesn't dominate Dadras's sound, but as a drummer, the focus here is firmly rooted in percussion and the interplay of loud/quiet dynamics. Eastern-tinged melodies (Hollywood), field recordings, and whirring textures circle within 'Rubaiyat II' and the musical palette Dadras explores is best considered a movement before anything else. There's an air of inscrutability about 'Rubaiyat II'; tracks often spill into the next, and it seems trivial to even keep up with Dadras's proclivity for continual change. Even after a few listens, you're still only at the tip of the iceberg.

Not content with two full lengths in one year, Dadras has also given away a remix of Jefferson Airplane's Today, a track featured on their 1967 album 'Surrealistic Pillow'. Grab a free download of the edit below via the player.

Listen to ' Rubaiyat II' below.

'Rubaiyat II' tracklist:

01. Earth Don't Stop Her
02. Hollywood
03. Kept On Living
04. Architeuthis
05. Faust
06. Whirlpool
07. Pyarelali
08. Surf Rat
09. Ghost Ship
10. Ouroboro

'Rubaiyat II' is out October 9th through Human Pitch (pre-order).