Premiere: Cloud Boat – Wanderlust (Deptford Goth remix)

What's even sadder than Cloud Boat? A Deptford Goth remix of Cloud Boat, of course.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

North London duo Cloud Boat and South London mumbler Deptford Goth are the 2013 champions of sadness, and no one will dare to touch their Kleenex crowns after this sob-fest of a four minute remix. It might be basically wordless, but if anyone is able to convey utter despair via the medium of soft chimes, spacious production and distorted vocals, it's these three: with the intensity of the original filtered through Daniel Woolhouse's devastatingly light touch and atmospheric kindling, this is electronic music to get lost in your thoughts to (this falls in a distinctly separate category to electronic music to have night terrors to, for which you should see The Haxan Cloak's remix of Amber Road). 

Apollo will release the 'Book of Hours Remixes' EP on the 21st October, featuring remixes of Cloud Boat's debut album from Deptford Goth, The Haxan Cloak and Ghosting Season. 

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