Premiere: Cloud Boat – Carmine

The brooding post-rock twosome give a taste of their second album.


Post-rock twosome Cloud Boat are currently lining up a follow-up to their debut album 'Book Of Hours', released through R&S/Apollo last year. Full details of the follow-up are forthcoming, but they've given a good indication of where their heads are at right now with CarmineCarmine doesn't sacrifice any of the delicacy or brooding intricacy of 'Book Of Hours', but it does suggest that they're embracing more ideas in their songwriting, introducing bright synthesizer arpeggiations and steel drums into their pre-existing guitars-and-beats framework. "Carmine is a journey through the mind of a childhood companion," the band say of the song, "The image of him is so old and faded that we believe he may be a figment of our imagination, but he now exists more completely as a friend and as a memory in this song."

Cloud Boat have recently been touring Europe and were out in America for SXSW, but you'll be able to catch them on home turf in the coming weeks – check those dates below.

Live dates:

Mar 25th: London, Chats Palace
Mar 26th: Brighton, The Hope
Apr 2nd: Liverpool, Shipping Forecast
Apr 3rd: Manchester, The Castle

R&S/Apollo release Carmine on March 24th 2014.

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