Premiere: Claude Speeed – Crushed Rave

Disco bruises and 3am transcendence from Scottish producer for new All City Records compilation.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

LuckyMe fam Claude Speeed, as we noted just last week, makes music that engulfs the senses, multi-layered and full of brooding life. Now based in Berlin, the Scottish producer is one of 14 fresh and established talents that London-based DJ/producer Mamiko Motto [pictured below] has selected to feature on her 'Amada' compilation for All City Records. Speeed's contribution is the wonderfully named Crushed Rave – and it's a beauty, evoking those moments of clarity amidst the blurry heat and, yes, brusing crush of the dancefloor. There's a moment two-thirds through when it feels like the sea of people are parting, making way for 3am transcendence. Dive in on the Dummy player on the left, and scroll down for the full tracklist and a few words from Mamiko Motto about the compilation. 

All City Records will release 'Mamiko Motto presents Amada' on 22nd October 2013.

'Mamiko Motto presents Amada' tracklist

1. Obey City – Take It Back
2. Young Mind – Jennifer
3. Bobby – Tame the Shrew
4. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Git Thee
5. James Pants – Ritual Magick
6. Silkersoft – Duel
7. Darq E Freeker – Psychosis
8. Fatima Yamaha – AAA
9. Scntst – For Forest Use Only
10. Mweslee – Una 4
11. DZ – Shoulda Coulda
12. Dorian Concept – Empty Everything
13. Claude Speeed – Crushed Rave
14. GMCFOSHO – Comupout (Bonus Flexi 7-inch)

What was the idea behind the 'Amada' compilation? 

Mamiko Motto: "Being a DJ and working as A&R for the last 10 years putting together a compilation was something I really wanted to do for a long time. I am very happy All City Records had me do it and let me be free with my choices. The idea is pretty straight forward, I just chose my  current and all time favourite producers and asked them to make an exclusive track for me. It was a long journey to finish this project, but I hope you will agree it was worth it. The compilation itself is really diverse, but I tried to aim for listening experience kind of album rather than straight club bangers if you know what i mean. It was a really great learning curve too and even if we just celebrating Amada release now I am already hopping the clouds planning my second compilation."

What made you include Claude Speeed's Crushed Rave?

Mamiko Motto: "Claude Speeed is a good friend from some years ago. I always felt a special connection with the guy. For this comp I was looking for that dirty post-punk sort of sound and in my head Claude was a perfect guy to deliver the sound. He lives in Berlin now and I spend there quite a lot of time. So on one of my visits I  went to his studio and we sat for hours listening to music he has made over the years. We came up with an idea what to do for 'Amada' and I am really happy with how Crushed Rave came out. I kind of feel it would be amazing to have an extended version of this on a separate 12". It has this perfect dirty basement 5am joint feel with a little bit of that 'Hot Chip' glamour. It's perfect."

Mamiko Motto photographed by Mehdi Lacoste.



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