Premiere: C L N K – July Tense

Leaner, meaner new techno missive from Romanian producer.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

C L N K is the new musical guise of Romanian artist Silviu Badea. He used to make hip hop influenced ambient tracks as Montgomery Clunk but, as you may have gleaned from the leaner and meaner new name, C L N K stalks more of a decaying techno realm. July Tense is the first taste of the Bucharest based producer's debut album 'Black Ecstasy' on Error Broadcast and it leaves a not unwelcome metallic tang in the mouth. For all the dense texture and dexterous handling of scale, it is the naive keyboard melody that floats in and out that provides the perfect counterpoint to the deathly chaos that swims below. 

Error Broadcast will release C L N K 'Black Ecstasy' on 2nd December 2013. 

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