Premiere: Bryce Hackford – Run-On Cirrus

An elegant two fingers to fractured attention spans from Brooklyn producer.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

There's a level of front to making a 20 minute plus track that tugs at the eyebrow. Like, okay. The hope is that it will be a city unto itself, a self-contained world in which to lose your way. The fear is that it will be terribly self-indulgent. Thankfully, Brooklyn experimental producer Bryce Hackford's attempt at the form is an elegant two fingers to fractured attention spans. Run-On Cirrus, from Hackford's new album 'Fair', plays out like a short film: it builds like Bambi taking its first steps – skittering and blinking – before time-lapse blazing into something altogether more majestic. While the idea of majesty is undeniably pompous, Run-On Cirrus avoids spoilt entitlement for Blade Runner's sense of wonder at sailing ships in the sky.

PRAH Recordings will release 'Fair' on 9th December 2013.

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